What is the Sundance Foundation?
We have a dream.....
This foundation creates sanctuaries for families and rescued animals to meet peacefully, live together and experience healing in a natural, plant based environment to heal the world.
We aims to create a space where families can find inner harmony, peace and reconnect with themselves through connecting with the animals and nature.
Create community for families
We want to help especially families with children, to come together, heal and spend valuable time together with likeminded, alternative, open minded families from all around the world, to learn, grow, share and transform
Rescue animals
There are so many animals in the world that are treated so badly. We aim to rescue animals in distress, give them good food, treat them against parasites and provide a new home for them in our sanctuary, or find a good new home for them so they can live the rest of their lifes in peace.
We started this organization 2015 by rescuing dogs in Costa Rica. More and more dogs and then also cats were brought to us over the years and we helped as much as we could.
We have grown over the years, but still pay almost 100% of the costs out of our own pockets.
The dogs need medical care, food, a place to be and most important: Training and care, so wean prepare them to convey them to a new loving home for them.
When they lived on the streets, they sometimes bite and can't be introduced to new owners.
All this costs money and we paid almost 100% out of our own pockets, which is fine.
But we want more!
There are more animals just in Costa Rica alone that need help.
And we need help to help more animals!

Here are some of the animals we could rescue so far
The more YOU help, the more help will be given...

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We are a strictly non-profit organisation. All money generated is going back into our foundation helping animals and families. Learn how you can become part of this movement
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